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Meet The Team

The Enlighten Development team brings 25 years’ experience in environmentally responsible and socially conscious development. They specialize in project planning and management, working with world-class leaders in architecture, design, engineering, renewable technologies, and hospitality in order to address the complexities of Caribbean resort development.


Their mission at Enlighten is to provide resort owners, operators, and developers with an understanding of the value of sustainable development and a roadmap to achieving a high standard of social and environmental responsibility

Jill McKenzie Burr

Founder & Principal 

Jill understands that it’s time for a new approach to Caribbean resort development. As Founder of Enlighten Development, she recognizes a need, within the region's hospitality industry, for greater knowledge and better implementation of environmental and social responsibility. With a background in sustainability and a passion for Caribbean tourism, Jill launched Enlighten in order to share her expertise with owners, operators, and developers seeking sustainable solutions to resort and hotel development. 


She brings 25 years’ experience traveling and conducting business in Jamaica, with a keen understanding of Caribbean culture and hospitality. Jill is Founder and President of Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa, a sustainable resort planned for St. Mary, Jamaica and Enlighten Development's premier project. A pioneer of Jamaica’s now legal medical cannabis industry, Jill is excited for resorts, hotels, and spas to utilize cannabis-centric health & wellness as a means to grow the island’s tourism.


Through her experience working on innovative projects, Jill has a wide-ranging knowledge of sustainable development. She co-founded and was Director of Business Development for Malibu Solar and is former Director of Operations for Eric Lloyd Wright Architecture & Planning, where she gained great insight into Frank Lloyd Wright's philosophy of Organic Architecture. Jill's experience expands to the non-profit sector, including the Jamaica Community Ecological Learning Center  (Co-Founder and Director), Wright Organic Resource Center (Program Director), and Zero Impact Malibu (Board Member). Jill spent several years working in the natural products industry, specializing in natural health & wellness markets and eco-conscious lifestyles.


Her focus at Enlighten is advising on ways resorts can lessen environmental impact, reduce operational expenses, and uplift local communities, while creating luxury destinations that are highly desirable in today’s global tourism and real estate markets.


Jill holds a Bachelor of Science from Georgia State University.


James W. Burr

Co-Founder & Principal

James sees Caribbean resorts as the perfect place to utilize environmentally responsible and resource-efficient green building, ecological design, and renewable energy technologies. As Co-Founder of Enlighten Development, he is enthusiastic about sharing his expertise, advising clients on sustainable design strategies and providing the necessary tools for implementation. 


Having an extensive background in sustainable development, combined with 25 years' 

experience traveling and conducting business in Jamaica, gives James a unique perspective on resort development in the Caribbean. He is Co-Founder and CEO of Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa, a luxury eco resort planned for St. Mary, Jamaica and Enlighten Development's premier project. A pioneer of Jamaica’s now legal medical cannabis industry, James offers consultation to resorts and spas on ways to develop and benefit from the attraction of cannabis-centric health & wellness travel.


With vast experience in project planning and management, James brings a broad scope of knowledge about infrastructure development. He is former Project Manager for Design Integration Group, where he focused on green building and renewable technologies. James has worked for some of North America's leading solar companies, including Permacity Solar, Solar Universe, and Hannah Solar. He co-founded Malibu Solar, where he served as Executive Project Manager, specializing in the design of solar solutions for residential and commercial applications. 


James' expertise spans to several community-based organizations, including Jamaica Community Ecological Center (Co-Founder and Project Manager), The Wright Organic Resource Center (Advisor), and Zero Impact Malibu (Board Member). James has extensive knowledge of the LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) markets, having spent several years working in the natural products industry, specializing in natural health and wellness markets and eco-conscious lifestyles.


His interest is in developing Caribbean resorts that act as catalysts to protect the environment and create positive socio-economic development.

Creating Resort Luxury in Harmony with Nature

and the Local Community


Jill and James have been business partners since 1995 when they launched their first venture, Alternative Import & Export, Jamaica's first cannabis consultants and hemp products company. Married in Jamaica in 1998, they share a passion for the Caribbean and a commitment to socially conscious and environmentally responsible development in the region.


Each with their own knowledge and skills, together they bring a diverse blend of expertise in green building, sustainable development, Caribbean hospitality, natural health & wellness, and social responsibility to Enlighten Development’s holistic approach to sustainable resort development.     

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