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Enlighten Development is a sustainable Caribbean resort and hotel development company. 

We offer specialized project planning, management, consulting, and advisory services, distinguished by our expertise in environmentally responsible and socially conscious development.




At Enlighten we work with property owners, operators, and developers, offering innovative solutions for sustainable Caribbean resort and hotel development. From consulting with existing properties seeking to reduce environmental impact, to working with new projects with a commitment to sustainable development, Enlighten works with clients to create world-class destinations, while assuring the project meets social and environmental goals.


Our services include:


Concept Design 

We assist in developing a project concept that best suits the property site, based on each location's unique environmental, social, and economic factors. Our goal is to assure that the highest standards of sustainable development are met throughout project planning, design, development, and operations. 


Project Planning & Development

We work with clients to begin the planning process, from creating the project conceptual design plan to developing finical analysis, cost projections, and sustainable development planning. 


Team Selection

We assist clients in assembling a world-class design and development team capable of bringing the project concept to reality. We work with leaders in the fields of renewable energy, organic architecture, green building & design, ecological wastewater management, environmental design, Caribbean hospitality, and resort and spa development.


Consultancy & Collaboration 

We consult and collaborate with development teams to incorporate a sustainable approach into existing plans, such as including a renewable energy component or utilizing green building materials. Enlighten is able to introduce many innovative ways to include sustainable solutions that will lessen environmental impact, reduce operational costs, and improve social responsibility practices.


Sustainable Infrastructure & Green Building    

We offer advisory services and project management for the planning and development of sustainable infrastructure, including buildings, service areas, roads, and water and power systems. We introduce solutions-based strategies designed to create resort infrastructure that operates effectively and efficiently, while reducing environmental impact and preserving local natural resources. 


Power - We conduct feasibility studies and analysis to determine the amount of energy required to operate. Then we evaluate the best type of renewable energy system and advanced technologies that will meet the resort's needs, while reducing environmental impact and operational expenses. Enlighten works with leading providers to design and manage the installation of advanced integrated renewable energy systems, including solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and battery backup capabilities. 


Water - We conduct feasibility studies to evaluate the environmental impact of water use and waste-water management, then suggest strategies for developing the most effective ecological water management system. 


Eco Operations & Waste Management

We develop chemical-free housekeeping, groundskeeping, and maintenance programs that utilize natural products to eliminate toxic inputs, improve indoor air quality for guests, and create a healthier work environment for staff. We advise clients on eco-friendly waste management procedures designed to reduce waste creation and lessen the environmental impact of daily operations.  


Programming Development

We work with clients to develop authentic programming, including activities, amenities, and offerings that are synergistic to the site, location, market, natural environment, and local culture. Then we collaborate with the development team to ensure that the resort design accommodates these needs, both functionally and aesthetically, and is aligned with the commitment to social and environmental responsibility.    


Sustainable Food & Beverage

We assist in developing sustainable F&B services and programs designed to reduce dependence on imported foods and offer more locally cultivated foods, organic options, healthier menu choices, and plant-based cuisine.

Cannabis Tourism

We know how to help clients integrate legal medical cannabis products and services while staying true to brand culture and compliant with Jamaica's regulatory requirements. From an on-sight herb house cannabis dispensary to health and wellness offerings at the spa, there are many ways that hotels, resorts, and spas can capitalize on Jamaica's now legal medical cannabis industry.


Cultivate Corporate Culture

We help clients implement strategies to cultivate a corporate culture that embraces the values of sustainable development, one that instills a conscious mindset among employees. We assist clients with empowering employees with an understanding of the importance of the resort's commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Sustainable Caribbean Resort & Hotel Development Services

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