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Taking an Enlightened Approach to

Caribbean Resort Development



At Enlighten Development we know it’s time for a new approach to Caribbean resort and hotel development.

We see a paradigm shift taking place in the region's tourism industry, with sustainable development becoming a priority. Indeed, no other industry stands to gain more from protecting the Caribbean's natural environment and working to eliminate poverty in the region.


We founded Enlighten with a passion for helping resort owners, developers, and operators to be a part of this paradigm shift towards environmentally responsible and socially conscious development.


We take into consideration the unique environmental, social, and economic aspects of each project, offering solutions designed to lessen environmental impact, reduce operational expenses, and uplift local communities; while creating destinations that are highly desirable in today’s global tourism and real estate markets.

About Us

Sustainable Caribbean Resort & Hotel Development

Our specialized sustainable design strategies address the increasing vulnerabilities and costs associated with conventional Caribbean resort development; while also responding to the growing global market demand for luxury

eco resorts, green hotels, wellness spa destinations, cannabis-centric tourism, and  socially responsible practices.

St. Mary, Jamaica



In 1993 Enlighten's Founders, Jill McKenzie Burr and James Burr, moved to Jamaica to explore natural living and island culture. Together they traveled island wide, gaining a passion for Jamaica’s warm friendly people and lush tropical beauty. They discovered the island to be rich in natural abundance,

yet vitally in need of sustainable development.


Since this time, they have grown to love the Caribbean and launched Enlighten inspired by their commitment to environmentally and socially responsible resort development in the region.

James and Jill are Founders of Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa, an experienced-based, luxury eco resort

planned for St. Mary, Jamaica. Pioneers of Jamaica's now legal medical cannabis industry, they were first to advise the government on cannabis production for sustainable development. They are excited by the opportunity for Jamaica to utilize the attraction of cannabis-centric health & wellness

as a means to grow the island’s tourism.  

Leading the Way for Environmentally Responsible and Socially Conscious Resort Development 

"With visitors from around the world traveling to the Caribbean, the region’s tourism industry has a tremendous opportunity to be a model for sustainable development and a driver for positive socio-economic growth."

Jill McKenzie Burr, Founder Enlighten Development

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