Eco Resort & Spa

St. Mary, Jamaica

Creating a first of its kind sustainable Caribbean resort, offering luxury in harmony with nature

and the local community

Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa is an innovative ecological resort planned for development in St. Mary, Jamaica. The concept for Bamboo has been developed to respond to the growing global market demand for luxury eco-resorts and wellness spa destinations.



Enlighten leads Bamboo's development team, providing expertise in sustainable resort development and managing strategic partnerships, project planning, financing strategies, and real estate acquisitionThe vision for Bamboo is to enhance the quality and diversity of Jamaican Tourism, by creating an environmentally sustainable luxury resort, while also providing a positive socio-economic benefit to the local community.


Enlighten Development Projects

Enlighten Development is interested in creating partnerships with innovative projects that share our commitment to sustainable resort development in the Caribbean region. Our planning and development approach involves careful consideration given to community impact and environmental preservation; 

with a focus on creating experienced inspired luxury destinations.


Our premiere project is Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa, a luxury eco resort planned for St. Mary, Jamaica. 


Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa will provide all the comforts of a luxury resort, in an eco-friendly fashion, while working in partnership with the local community, and operating in harmony with the natural environment.


Creating Luxury Resort Destinations that

are Highly Desirable in Today’s Global Tourism

and Real Estate Markets

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