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Innovative Solutions for 

Sustainable Resort Development



Green, Eco-Conscious, Environmental Footprint, Carbon Neutral, LEED Certified, Corporate Social Responsibility...Almost anywhere you go today in the hospitality industry you will hear these topics

discussed - and for good reason. Sustainable resort development is now becoming recognized as a key to long term success. Factors driving this shift include a growing market of sophisticated travelers seeking luxury

eco resorts and green hotels, the management of operational expenses, and efforts to address the root causes that make resorts vulnerable to climate change.


The fact is, while travelers come to the Caribbean for its natural beauty and warm friendly people, resort development can have an unintended negative impact on both the environment and local communities.

This has set the stage for a paradigm shift towards a more environmentally responsible and socially conscious approach to resort development.

Innovative Solutions for

Sustainable Resort Development   




Generating Power from the Caribbean's Abundance of Sun, Wind, and Water     


Enlighten Development works to integrate renewable energy throughout resort operations. We work directly with the project's development team to plan and manage the development of renewable energy systems that will provide a significant portion of the resort's power needs, reduce operational expenses, and mitigate risks associated with the loss of electricity caused 

by catastrophic storms. 



Utilizing Sustainable Building Practices to

Lessen Environmental Impact and Reduce Vulnerabilities to Drastic Weather Conditions

Green building is key to sustainable resort development. From designing buildings that are in harmony with nature, local culture, and the resort site, to utilizing green building materials and non-toxic inputs, Enlighten Development offers environmentally  responsible building advisory services throughout resort planning and development.  




Operating Without Contaminating Groundwater or Depleting Local Water Resources


Creating ecologically sustainable water management systems for procurement, treatment, and reclamation is an essential element of responsible resort development. Enlighten takes an approach to water management that allows resorts to maintain a consistent and abundant freshwater supply, while also eliminating the risks of having a negative impact on the Caribbean's fragile coastal ecosystems.




Operating Without the use of Toxic Chemical Inputs or Environmental Pollutants and Implementing Responsible Waste Management Programs 


Tourists come to the Caribbean to enjoy a natural tropical paradise, fresh air, and relaxing environment. That experience should extend to the spas, pools, hotel grounds, indoor environments, and most importantly, guest rooms. Enlightened advises resorts and hotels on ways to implement organic grounds-keeping practices, non-toxic housekeeping, chemical-free pools and spas,

all-natural bath amenities, and environmentally

responsible waste management.  

Renewable Energy
Green Building
Water Conservation
Eco Operations




Providing Guests Organically Cultivated Foods and Fresh Harvested Produce; while Supporting Local Farmers and Reducing Dependency on Imported Foods 


Today's conscious travelers are seeking sustainable and healthier food options while on vacation, such as organic foods, plant-based cuisine, and locally grown fruits and vegetables. Yet Caribbean resorts depend heavily on imported foods, frequently leaving small local farmers out of the supply chain. Enlighten can assist with developing sustainable food and beverage programs, including initiatives focused on locally produced

goods and on-site cultivation.

Sustainable F&B




Utilizing All Natural Spa Products,

Local Healing Modalities, and a Selection of

Health & Wellness Programs


Conscious spa travelers are seeking holistic healing programs, advanced spa therapies, mind body programs, access to natural health experts, organic foods, and unique programs that offer the opportunity for life changing experiences. Enlighten helps clients ensure that the wellness products and services meet these high standards and are attuned to a commitment to holistic health, with access to leading natural health

practitioners, teachers, and instructors. 

Health & Wellness


Integrating Legal Cannabis Products and Services For Guests Seeking Access to Medical Cannabis While on Vacation or as Part of a Wellness Spa Experience


With Jamaica's now legal medical cannabis industry, comes new opportunities for the island's hospitality sector. Jamaica is poised to be a leading global travel destination for cannabis tourism. Enlighten offers consulting on ways resorts, hotels, and spas can integrate legal cannabis products and services for guests seeking access to medical cannabis while on vacation or as part of a wellness spa experience. 





Creating a Positive Impact within the Local Community and Contributing to Community Enrichment Programs  


Social responsibility starts at the corporate level and should make its reach all the way into the local community that is host to the resort or hotel. Enlighten is pleased to offer advisory services to clients seeking to utilize tourism development as a tool for eliminating poverty and uplifting local people. We help clients implement programs that 

are designed to create a positive impact

within the local community.  

Social Responsibility

Re-thinking Caribbean Resort & Hotel Development

The 2017 hurricane season was one of the most catastrophic that the Caribbean has ever seen. Hurricanes Irma and Maria ripped through the Caribbean region leaving vast infrastructure damage, devastating economies, and heavily impacting several island destinations. One thing was made clear, its time for a sustainable approach to Caribbean resort and hotel development.

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