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Enlighten Development, Inc. offers specialized sustainable design strategies for Caribbean resort and hotel development. We take an innovative approach to development, one intended to lessen environmental impact, reduce operational expenses, address risks associated with climate change, and uplift local communities, while creating luxury destinations that are highly desirable in today’s global tourism and real estate markets. 


Resort Luxury in Harmony with Nature and the Local Community

At the core of Enlighten is an awareness that the Caribbean is rich in natural abundance and ideal for sustainable resort development. From building and design to infrastructure, operations, and programming, we take into consideration the unique environmental, social, and economic aspects of each project.  


Adapting Development Strategies to New Realities  

With Enlighten's innovative adaptive approach to sustainable resort development, we offer a wide range of project planning, management, and advisory services. We integrate forward-thinking strategies, taking a new approach to and challenging conventional resort development.


Environmentally Responsible & Socially Conscious Development

Our expertise lies in more than 20 years’ experience in sustainable development, coupled with an understanding of the unique needs of Caribbean resort developments. Enlighten's premier project is Bamboo Eco Resort & Wellness Spa, a first of its kind luxury eco-resort planned for St. Mary, Jamaica.  


To give someone greater knowledge or understanding of a subject or situation.

At Enlighten, we know it's time for a new approach to Caribbean resort development. We founded Enlighten in order to share our insight and expertise with those seeking sustainable solutions to Caribbean

resort, hotel, and spa development. Our planning, management, and advisory services are designed to bridge the gap between the idealistic vision of sustainability and the real challenges that developers face

navigating this new territory.


Enlighten's specialized sustainable design strategies address existing risks, vulnerabilities, and costs associated with conventional resort development; while also responding to growing market demand for luxury

eco resorts, green hotels, wellness spa destinations, cannabis-centric tourism, socially responsible travel, and unique experiences in pristine natural environments.

Allow Us to Enlighten You.
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"Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."

Frank Lloyd Wright

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